Tolmount Development Project

Rohde Nielsen A/S (RN) was contracted for the route preparational works for the Tolmount Development Project on the UK East Coast near the Humber River entrance. The works included survey operations, trench dredging and backfilling, boulder clearance, pre-sweep dredging and pull-wire lay, where RN employed a variety of the company’s versatile vessels.

During the project between March and August 2020 RN used ports of Grimsby and Immingham as base ports. As shipping agent RN chose Carlbom Shipping LTD based on previous positive experiences.

In the whole project period, Carlbom provided valuable services to RN and was a professional and flexible local partner. Carlbom assisted RN with contact to local authorities, logistics of spare parts and services, handling of crew changes and contact to suppliers, among others. Carlbom was involved from an early stage, and the commitment continued all along the project, making the ports calls run smoothly and without delay.

The RN project team considers the contribution of Carlbom Shipping LTD to be a key component in the success of the project.


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